Welcome to Kodiak! Kodiak Electric Association, Inc. provides electric service to the Kodiak area and Port Lions.  If you need electric service, please visit our office to become a member of our cooperative. 


* You'll need to bring photo identification.
* A $25 record fee is charged for a new service application or transfer of service.
* A deposit (based on a two month average for the residence in which you will be living) must be collected before turning on your power except if you choose a prepaid service.

Our Member Services Department (907.486.7700) can give you a deposit quote for your residence. You may be eligible for a deposit waiver if you have previously established service with another electrical utility provider. After you establish twelve months of good credit, your deposit will be applied to your bill. Deposits are refundable when service is disconnected. All of this information and more can be found in your member handbook!