KEA Educational Foundation

KEA’s scholarship program offers financial assistance to selected graduating seniors and continuing education students who show leadership potential and the capacity to make a significant contribution to the Kodiak or Port Lions community upon completion of their formal education. The dollar amount and number of scholarships to be awarded by KEA are determined each year through action taken by the KEA Educational Foundation.  

How can I donate funds for scholarships to the KEA Educational Foundation, Inc?
Members have several easy ways to contribute:

  • Donate your future KEA capital credit retirements to the Foundation.
  • Participate in the KEA Operation Round Up® Program.
  • Make a one time donation at any time by stopping by our Member Services Department.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes.  KEA Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donors are provided with written documentation of their contributions for tax deduction purposes.  If you have any questions or cannot locate your annual summary on your billing statement, please contact us.    

How does the Operation Round Up® Program work?
Each month, members who wish to participate allow KEA to automatically round up their electric bills to the next highest dollar amount.  For example, if your bill is $68.42, your bill will be rounded up to $69.00, meaning that month’s contribution is 58 cents.  The extra cents are put in the KEA Educational Foundation, Inc. for scholarships.  As a direct result of our community’s generosity, this program is generating approximately $1,600 per month.

Do I have to be a member of KEA to donate to the KEA Educational Foundation, Inc.?  No.  The KEA Educational Foundation will accept donations from any outside source that wishes to participate to benefit our ability to offer scholarships to our community.

Who serves on the Board of Directors of the KEA Educational Foundation, Inc.?
KEA’s Manager of Finance and four KEA Directors serve as the Board of Directors of the KEA Educational Foundation, Inc.  The KEA Directors are appointed to the Foundation’s Board on an annual basis.