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Our long-term financial goal is to lower the burden that the fuel price puts on all of us. Please refer to our current electric rate schedule below.

What is COPA? The Cost of Power Adjustment (COPA) is an adjustment designed to flow through to the consumer the cost effects of using hydro, wind, and diesel generation's fuel component.  When costs rise, COPA increases.  When they fall, COPA decreases.  This ensures the financial stability of the cooperative and fairness to the members.


electric rate schedule...
Residential 200 AMP

Residential 400 AMP

Customer Charge
$7.50 per month
Customer Charge
$12.50 per month
All kWh
13.80 cents per kWh
All kWh
13.80 cents per kWh
Net Metering - Available to qualifying residential members by application.  Please note, as KEA continues to enhance their renewable generation portfolio it is highly likely that no credit will be provided to a net metered facility for any excess generation.  The following link (Net Metering Info) provides additional information on the net metering guidelines.
Customer Charge
$15.00 per month
Customer Charge
$50.00 per month
First 300 kWh
14.98 cents per kWh
All kWh
13.23 cents per kWh
Over 300 kWh
12.85 cents per kWh
Large Power
Customer Charge
$50.00 per month
First 20,000 kWh
12.70 cents per kWh
Over 20,000 kWh
11.38 cents per kWh
All kW
$5.67 per kW

Note: Yard and street light rates are set based on the wattage size.

Standby Maintenance Supplemental Power (SMS) is available to consumers who meet the criteria for a qualifying facility. Please contact member services for rules and regulations. Standby power demand is $20 per KW of contractual demand. See applicable rate schedule for all other charges. Non-firm Power Purchase rate fluctuates with the COPA calculations.


Late Fees


Residential - $10.00 or 1.5% whichever is greater.

Commercial - $50.00 or 1.5% whichever is greater.


All Consumers - Additional $25.00


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