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Statistics as of July 27, 2017

Generation 2016 year-to-date 2017 year-to-date
Source MWH % MWH %
Pillar Mountain Wind 18,909 21.0% 12,564 13.2%
Terror Lake Hydro 70,829 78.6% 81,823 86.3%
Diesel Generation 370 0.4% 436 0.5%
Total 90,108 100% 94,824 100%

Terror Lake
Maximum water level: 1,420 feet
Water level on July 27: 1,396 feet

Pillar Mountain Wind Farm
Net kWhs generated from July 2009 thru this July: 168,403,673
Estimated gallons of diesel saved: 11,859,414

Generation Source *Generation Cost
Pillar Mountain Wind 11 cents per kWh
Terror Lake Hydroelectric 6.8 cents per kWh
**Diesel Generation 28.90 cents per kWh
* Costs reflect generation expense only.
**Based on diesel fuel cost of $3.50/ gal.


KEA operates an isolated grid system. The main power source comes from three hydroelectric turbine generators at Terror Lake. KEA also operates four independent diesel generation facilities (Kodiak Generating Station, Nyman Power Plant, Swampy Acres Plant and Port Lions) which are a mixture of diesel reciprocating engines and a diesel-fired combined cycle generation unit. KEA added 4.5 MW of wind power in July 2009 with the completion of Phase I of the Pillar Mountain Wind Project. Due to the great success of this project, KEA moved forward with Pillar Mountain Phase II in the fall of 2012. Phase II included an additional 4.5 MW of wind power and a 3 MW energy storage system.

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