kodiak electric association

Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) serves the area in and surrounding the City of Kodiak, the Coast Guard Support Center, Woody, Holiday, Crooked and Near Islands, Bells Flats, Russian Creek, Chiniak, Pasagshak, and Port Lions.

KEA serves approximately 4,000 members (5,800 meters) and maintains over 32 miles of transmission line, 203 miles of overhead distribution line, 134 miles of underground line, and 3 miles of underwater cable.

KEA has six substation facilities located throughout our system: Terror Lake, Swampy Acres, Nyman, High, Airport, and Hartman. (See the Generation tab for deails on generation facilities.)

In the next few years, KEA's Airport, Hartman, and Swampy Acres Substations will undergo significant upgrade activities in an effort to take advantage of technological advances in circuit breakers and protective relays.

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